Andrew Von Sonn

Articles - I Like Free Enterprise, But...

by Andrew Von Sonn, J.D.

Personally, I like the concept of free enterprise. But, for the game to reach any degree of fairness, the playing chips need to be as close to neutral as possible.

The playing chips in our game are not neutral. They're debt-based pieces of paper that inherently fluctuate in value, i.e., their purchasing power. Without government edict, including the fact that taxes have to be paid with them, they're of questionable actual worth.

They shift in value every time new paper enters the game.

They include an interest fee which goes to the banking system.

Most people have no way to protect themselves against devaluation of the currency in their hands. A minority of people actually gain wealth from this movement - being able to play with it - land, gold, tangibles - things which people actually value.

And, of course, the direct cost of the currency - i.e., interest - is less for those who already have more of it. In fact, the worse off you are, the more you pay for it. Considering that it's arguably pretend money, this raises serious questions about this loan favoritism hierarchy.

Liberty and economics are not separate. "Trickle down" economics affects every aspect of its recipient's (our) lives.

We live in an economic caste system played out every day through a money system that inherently skews the game.

It is not based in justice.

It is a facade.