Andrew Von Sonn

Articles - The Fundamental Question

by Andrew Von Sonn, J.D.

The fundamental question here is, as long as you are not interfering with the Rights by others, who legitimately should have the power to control your choices with respect to your own body, your own mind, and your own life?

You or the government?

Government continues to take the position that it has the last word.

People seeking alternative healing avenues deal with this constantly. The most public of these is medical marijuana. But, it's not alone. Big Brother controls what is and is not sanctioned in the healing arts.

People who are dying are told that certain alternatives are not approved and, therefore, not available.

What kind of logic says that government has this power?

How the government views itself with respect to an individual's freedom to choose on this issue is forcefully highlighted by its approach to medical marijuana.

Even though numerous states (14 and counting) have lawfully, by popular vote or legislative action, enacted medical marijuana statutes and consequent programs, the federal government has consistently ignored the democratic process and responded with a complete absence of respect, as well as a very active and mean hand.

Add to this the fact that their position does not hold up scientifically and we have an alarming demonstration of governmental arrogance.

The federal government is nullifying democratic action. This is an attack on liberty. It is contrary not only to reason, but to the entire essence of the Declaration of Independence. They should be wearing red coats!

In light of our inherent equality, the hypocrisy of it all goes neon when you compare marijuana to cigarettes and whiskey.

Who knows what Big Brother has in store for us? Maybe cigarettes are next or those herbs you're using to heal yourself. Or, maybe Big Brother will come up with some weird mandatory inoculations.

Marijuana legislation provides a vehicle to talk about this stuff. But, it's not the main issue, the underlying issue.

Your right to choose for you is what's on the line - and this is major.

It's not about having to convince people that you're right and they're wrong.

It's about the basic right of an individual to have the power to choose on matters which affect his or her own body, his or her own mind, and his or her own life.

Afterthought: I can see it now - the "Marijuana / Lucky Strike Coalition for Individual Liberty."